Review for Loreal HIP Bright Shadow Duo in 864 Bustling

Review for Loreal HIP Bright Shadow Duo in 864 Bustling

I got the Loreal Hip eyeshadow duo at Mustafa together with Revlon Matte Luxurious Color Kohl Eyeliner. I got it in the colour 864 Bustling. I was pretty surprised to see the Loreal HIP line at the cosmetic section of Mustafa because I think Watsons and Guardian do not carry them anymore. I’ve heard really good reviews on the Duo shadows and wanted to get my hands on them. I wanted the colour 828 Dynamic but they do not have it and 864 Bustling was a very similar shade. It was on clearance for half price- originally SGD$19.90, on sale for SGD$9.90. I’m a sucker for makeup on sale so I had to have it.

With Flashlight (below)

With normal room lighting (below)

Bottom of plastic container (below)

Swatches (below)

864 Bustling contains 2 eyeshadow shades- a golden mustard colour with gold shimmer and a dark brownish- taupe shade with slight gold shimmer. From my untrained eyes both contains the same gold shimmer just that the dark brown shade contains less shimmer. Both are shimmery eyeshadows so matte eyeshadow lovers are warned. Bottom opens up to a sponge tip applicator.


The gold mustard shade is such a beautiful colour! Extremely vibrant and bright, opens up the eyes and makes it look like fresh and awake. Both shades are very pigmented. I haven’t experience much creasing throughout the day although I have oily lids. The lasting power is okay, I do not use a eyeshadow primer and the colour lasted a good 5-6 hours before fading significantly. This is a great addition to my makeup collection. Complements my dark eyes very well.

The dark brown shade was kind of common- the usual brown. I was hoping for it to have a little greyer undertone than red undertone but the red undertone is not overwhelming at all. Container feels like cheap, light plastic but it is fine with me just that it can get a little hard to open the container lid. Maybe I got a defective eyeshadow, can’t really complain for the price.

Yadda Yadda:
Available at Mustafa for S$19.90. I paid S$9.90 for the eyeshadow for 2.4g/0.08 oz of product. Ratings: 4.5/5 Stars. (0.5  subtracted due to packaging). Will I repurchase? It will probably last a long time but I will repurchase after finishing. It was a good buy. I recommend you guys to check it out! Do comment me your thoughts!

A/N: (update) i went to Watson and Guardian to check if they still carry the HIP line and no they don't! So if you guys can't  find the Loreal HIP line anywhere in Singapore, head over to Mustafa! They may still carry the line. Have fun!



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