Review for Skin79 Hot Pink Beblesh Cream Triple Functions

Review for Skin79 Hot Pink Beblesh Cream Triple Functions

I’m using the Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream for months now and I have never been happier with my purchase for BB Creams. This product is my Holy Grail top favourite hands down best BB Cream EVAR! Tons of positive reviews online I decided to try it out to see if it was really THAT good. Boy was that a good decision.  It is not cheap though, I think I paid around S$36.90 at Watsons but it was worth every cent!  Although it is a HG product, there are still cons for the product because I’m just that picky.  

The Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream offers the classic whitening, anti wrinkle and UVA-UVB sun protection (SPF25 PA++). It also uses various ingredients to moisturize and revitalize the skin like tangerine oil, ceraminde 3 and osmopur. 

Swatch under normal room lighting (below)

Swatch under flash (below)

The claim for whitening/ lightening of acne scarring, spots, and pigmentation of skin is TRUE! I find my acne scarring on my forehead has lighten quite significantly, even my mom said my scarring condition has gotten better. It didn’t disappear but it has lighten up a fair lot. 

I did not experience any break outs/ skin irritation. The bb cream gives a flawless matte airbrushed finish, very buildable for medium coverage, super easy to blend and does not look cakey at all. I have combination- oily skin and this bb cream controls oil very well, definitely comparable to my Revlon Colourstay foundation which I will do a review soon. The BB cream looks very natural on your skin, covers up pores really well and matches my skin tone perfectly. I haven’t notice any wrinkle reduction since I do not suffer from wrinkles. The bb cream contains SPF which protects the skin from the sun. 

The coverage is light to medium. A lot of reviews said that it is medium to full but nah! It is not going to cover up any scars, it is only able to even out skin tone and cover extremely light pigmentation. The bb cream is not able to cover up my dark circles too- maybe lighten a 20%? I still need to use a concealer over dark circles and scars. So I was a little bumped about the coverage but still good!

It comes in only one shade, or at least Watsons carries only one shade. Therefore you must be pretty fair to wear this bb cream. I will not recommend this product to people who have medium skin tone as it may be too light even after oxidising. There are testers at Watsons; you guys can check it out if it fits your skin tone. I’m very fair so I have no problem with this issue. 

As all bb creams which contains SPF, you will encounter a white cast when taking pictures. Has an initial grey undertone but will oxidise and match skin tone.

There are many fake Skin 79 products so do be careful when buying this online. I suggest buying this at Watsons, though it cost a little more, you can be sure that you are getting an authentic one. 

The bottle comes with a pump which is very hygienic and gives precise control of product but the reflective top does leave fingerprints easily. Bottle is made of plastic, it feels cheap and kinda flimsy so it may irk some people. It has fragrance so people sensitive to fragrances should take note. I’m not picky or sensitive to scents so it smells nice to me (perfume floral scent).  

Reflective top with fingerprints (below)

Yadda Yadda:
Available at Watsons for S$36.90 (approx) for 40g of product. I paid S$36.90 for my bb cream. Ratings: 5/5 Stars. Will I repurchase? HELL YEAH! And I recommend everyone to try it out. Are there any BB creams you guys recommend? Share your thoughts!



  1. Hi Anonymous, you've such a nice blog :)
    I've just ordered this BB cream off the net, and I'm dying to try it out since the majority of reviews I've seen are pretty positive. I'm currently using an Etude one and I LOVE it but I'm keen to try others ^^
    I'd love to follow your blog. Have a great day!

  2. @Tulip Love

    Thank you for your sweet comment babe!<3 Just checked out your blog and you are so beautiful! Do try it out! It makes the skin look absolutely beautiful and even after removing my makeup, my skin still looks even better than before :D I've followed your blog too!