Collective Haul! LA Girl, Nyx and Elf

Heyyyyyy huns! Today i'll be posting pictures of my recent loots! Remember my post on the Watsons and Guardian haul where I found lots of inexpensive LA Girl cosmetics? A few days later, I went back and got a few more stuff because the deal was way too tempting.

LA Girl Pencil Eyeliner in P621 Spectra Blue, P619 Raging Violet, P20 Aspen Green (below)

Love the names!!

SEE! Freaking 5 bucks! Me no kidding yo!

LA Girl Pencil Lipliner in P549 Mauve

Okay on to Nyx and Elf loots. I bought these goodies for quite cheap. I will list them at the end of the post. I not sure if I wanna post where to get this because it may seem like an advertisement, but if you do wanna know where to purchase Nyx and Elf items (in Singapore), feel free to contact me at and I will reply ASAP. :)

 Nyx and Elf loots!

Nyx Lipliner 848

Nyx round lipsticks

Sorry for the horrible photos, my background totally washed out all the colours >.< I will put up clearer photos in their own reviews.

L-R : Narcissus, Strawberry Milk, Harmonica, Jupiter, Baby Pink

lippies are all in same order (below)

Nyx Megashine Lipgloss in Nude Pink

Nyx Lipliner in 848 Flower and 839 Dolly Pink (below)

Elf brush shampoo (below)

Nyx Lipsticks: SGD$4.00 each
Nyx Lipliner: SGD$4.00 each
Nyx Megashine Lipgloss: SGD$8.00 each
Elf brush shampoo: SGD$6.00 each
All LA Girl items: SGD$5.00 each

That's all folks! Are these items a hit or a miss? Stay tune to find out! Read review for Nyx lipsticks here!




  1. Hi, I'm really curious about LA Girl Pencil Eyeliner especially in Aspen Green. Could you please do a swatch for me? hehehe..Does they glide smoothly and creamy?

    Thank you ^^

    1. Hi purpletulippinkrose,

      I've uploaded the swatches onto my Instagram because its faster and more convenient, you can take a look at it here:

      Honestly, I think the quality isn't that great. It is very hard and scratchy, especially the shade Black & Aspen Green. Both liners are very dry and flaky. Bu I do love Raging Violet & Spectra, they have a gorgeous shine to it so i only can recommend those 2.

      I swatched them heavily which makes them appear creamy and pigmented, but their colour payoff isn't that good. They are affordable though, so you may want to try them out, but don't carry high hopes for them :) Thank you for visiting my blog dear! :D