Review for LA Girl Luxury Creme' Lipstick in LC536 Secret Admirer

Review for LA Girl Luxury Creme' Lipstick in LC536 Secret Admirer

I am recently on a pale baby pink lip colour craze? Fetish? I find that light pink lipsticks complements my skin colour really well. And after watching misschaigyaru video on Top ten lip products, I was bent on finding some of the lip products to try. One of the lip products was LA Girl’s LC536 Secret Admirer and it looked SO AMAZING on her!! In my previous post on Mini LA Girl Haul, I promised a review and here it is!

With normal room lighting (below)

 With daylighting (below)


The Lipstick is extremely pigmented. It covered my darker, more pigmented upper lips, giving it a candy pink shade which I love. The price is fairly cheap, for where to find cheap LA Girl products please read my previous post here. The smell is kinda nice I guess… sort of a sweet scent + rubber? I have a weird liking for smell so yea. It is A beautiful pink shade that complements girls with fairer skin tones. Is the lipstick moisturising? I would have to say a medium. It did feel moisturising on the lips but it did dry out my sensitive lips after wearing it a couple of hours without a lip balm under. I suggest wearing a lip balm under the lipstick for people with sensitive & dry lips like myself.  Lasting power would have to be 2-3 hours, when drinking the lipstick fades off but it does leave a pink stain on the lips which I like. 


The colour range for nudes and pinks are really small, I think there are no nudes in the collection? Forbidden Love is more of a coral mauve than nude. There are many reds though, which is quite disappointing for a baby pink lover like me. I thought the colour was going to be a pale baby pink shade but it is not! It is definitely more of a bright candy pink shade. I dab the lipstick on my lips to make it more wearable. Beautiful shade nonetheless, complements my skin tone as well. It is not very buildable because if I apply too many layers, it becomes streaky and moves around on the lips, it cakes up in the cracks too. I just apply a thin layer or dab it on my lips for a light candy pink shade.

Yadda Yadda:

Read my previous post for where you can find LA Girl cosmetics in Singapore. Guardian also sells them but they are at a pricier side. I paid SGD$8 for my lipstick. Will I repurchase? YES YES YES! The colour is my ultimate love! I will try to go back on of these days to Chinatown to get them. Hope the sale is still on! Do you guys own this lipstick? Go try it out! Tell me your thoughts! 

A/N: After I bought my 5 Nyx lipsticks which are all well-known baby pinks in the market, I do think that LA Girl Secret Admirer is a definite 100% must buy! The quality is good, the pigmentation is good and it does not feel cheap at all. I’ve already repurchase 2 more Secret Admirer in my Watsons and Guardian Haul.

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  1. Lovely color but I look really horrible with pink lipstick, does not suit my skin color.

  2. @Nava.K there are mauves and red shades in the collection too so you may want to check them out :D