Review for Nyx Round Lipsticks- The Famous Five

Review for Nyx Round Lipsticks- The Famous Five

Hey everyone! Today I am going to review the Nyx round lipsticks in Baby Pink, Harmonica, Strawberry Milk, Jupiter, and Narcissus. These 5 Nyx lipsticks are extremely popular for their baby milky pink colour. There are of course more popular baby pink colours in the Round lippy range but I picked up these five because these lipsticks are literally begging me to purchase them. This is going to be a photo heavy post (I kinda just realized it) so it’ll be kind of an In-Your-Face post I guess.

There is one thing I want to warn people who are interested in buying Nyx lippies. Their colour on the website is way off and even swatches are not reliable at all. Many of the colours that I will explain below are extremely different when swatched on hand and on lips. They look SO pretty in photos but do not be tricked.

Baby pink- I honestly don’t know what had gotten into me to buy this shade. Baby pink is a milky purple shade so the name is WAY OFF. There is nothing pink about it. This comes out as a light purple when swatched on my hand but when on my lips it is frosty silver. It contains tons of shimmer so do beware. This shade makes me look really dead. So I do not recommend it!

Harmonica- It is a light baby pink shade (lighter than Strawberry Milk) that looks light baby pink on hand and white on lips! Gosh! I was hit by disappointment twice in a row! It was so pretty on my hand! I will only recommend it if you have extremely light lips. 

Strawberry Milk- Highly raved by many Youtube Gurus and famous bloggers so I thought this was going to be a perfect baby pink shade. Again, I swatched on my hand and it was a fabulous milky baby pink colour. I tried it on my lips and it was still a tad too light for me. It was not bad but it will be more wearable if it was a little darker. I will recommend Strawberry Milk if you are suitable of wearing a very light milky pink shade. Overall it is a very pretty baby pink shade

Jupiter- It looked like a reddish shade with silver shimmers on swatches but when I apply on my lip, it was way too frosty. The shimmers were too heavy and my lips look silver-ish pink. I was pretty disappointed with this because it was highly raved by a Youtube Guru. I guess it didn’t work out for me. I will recommend only if you prefer frosty lippies.

Harmonica- Beautiful candy pink on lips. This colour is very popular and I can see why now. It is not an everyday colour IMO (kinda flashy) but still a nice shade to have.



Wide range of colours from purples to pinks to mauves to reds. They are inexpensive; I bought it for SGD$4 at a store that sells Nyx. I heard cherry culture sells it for less but you have to spend a minimum amount for free shipping. The packaging is good surprisingly for the price. Locks really well and does not feel cheap. The bottom of the lipstick does show the true colour when swatched on hand. The whole lipstick fits into the packaging so no accidental scrapping of product will occur.


These Nyx circle lipsticks are very streaky and do not adhere to lips well. It builds up in the cracks of the lips and just stays floating on the lips when packed on so I just apply a thin layer on my lips. Therefore their lasting power isn’t good, 1 hour and it’s gone. These lipsticks have a very horrible smell. They smell like cheap soaps and when I lick my lips I can taste it. Just eww. I am not really sensitive to smell (colourstay foundation smells kinda nice to me), most fragrance are find and if I can’t stand it, you know how bad it is.

Yadda Yadda:

Overall I think that these lipsticks are low in quality, the smell is nasty and the lasting power is bad. For price, I think it is okay but I would rather pay a little more and get a Revlon or Maybelline lipstick that has better quality than these does. I do recommend Strawberry Milk and Narcissus, they have better colour payoff and definitely more wearable than the other 3.Will i repurchase? Most probably not.

Packaging: 4/5

Lasting power: 2/5

Smell: 0/5 (NASTY!)

Price: 4/5 

Overall rating: 2/5 Stars



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