Review for La Girl’s Pencil Eyeliner in P601 Black and P602 Brown-Black

Review for La Girl’s Pencil Eyeliner in P601 Black and P602 Brown-Black

Hello Everyone! Today I’m gonna do a review on La Girl’s Pencil Eyeliner in Black and Brown-Black. Find out where I bought it here! I’ve decided to first do a review on Black and Brown-Black because I’ve used those more frequently and able to write a more detailed review. I think people will be more concerned with the darker shades than bright shades.There are really not much difference between the two, the brown-black looks more brownish when swatched.


Brown-Black shade looks very natural. Price is extremely inexpensive. I paid like 5 bucks and compared to other drugstore brands such as Revlon and Loreal, I do think that it is the cheapest. I think it works fairly well for its price. These eyeliners do stay on the upper eyelids really well, lower lids, meh, not really. I was under the hot Singapore sun (yes, hot Singapore sun because the heat literally melts away any traces of makeup) for an hour and it did fade a little (30-40%) but the eyeliner still stays on. The lines can be removed easily; one swipe of my mandom cleansingexpress makeup remover and it’s practically gone


These pencils require a sharpener which may be inconvenient to some people but it is totally fine with me. The pencil liners are quite hard and can does not glide on that smoothly compared to my Revlon matte eyeliner and MAC kohl eyeliner in Smolder which I will do a review later on. It is not that creamy and I find that I do have to tug my eyelids a little when I use these. Opaque line is hard to achieve. I find that no matter how many times I go over it I am still unable to get a very opaque shade. I will recommend these eyeliners if you do not like harsh eyeliners. I do prefer my eyeliner to be opaque black so I consider this a con. 

The lasting power is not very good, around 3 hours at most I would say. The one thing I probably dislike the most about these pencils is that it smudges. Not like crazy raccoon eyes, but it does smudge. The Revlon Matte Eyeliner differs slightly from the LA Girl liners throughout the day, it does not smudge but it fades and then vanishes.

Yadda Yadda:

I bought these LA Girl pencil eyeliners at Guardian for SGD$5.00 each at Guardian now. Go grab some LA Girl cosmetics at your nearby Guardian! Will I repurchase? As much as I want to, I probably will not repurchase. The eyeliners do not go very easily and the colour is not opaque enough for my liking.  



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