Review for Montagne Jeunesse Cucumber Peel-Off Masque

Review for Montagne Jeunesse Cucumber Peel-Off Masque

Remember the Peel-Off Masque from the previous post Watsons & Guardian Haul + LAGirl & Face Mask? Today I am reviewing it! Okay cut cut let’s go right into it!

Information on the back of packet:

Gently peel away dead skin. Find a fresher face when you peel away our purifying mask: the ideal gentle peel specially formulated for problem & t-zone skin. Removes impurities and dead cells whilst cleaning and reviving the skin. 

To benefit fully we recommend: Gently cleanse face. Apply thinly and evenly. Enough for face and neck. Avoid eyes, lips and hair. Lie back, relax and drift into pleasant thoughts (LOL). After 10-20 minutes or when totally dry gently peel off masque (never pull) to reveal younger, fresher looking, clearer skin. Wash off any stuck bits with water. Not for use on sensitive or broken skin. Use Weekly.

Okay for today no pros and cons, I will just tell you what happened when I was using the mask (because there are no pros at all).

It was my first time using a peel-off mask of this brand so I was kind of nervous. I snipped off the top and dipped my hand into the goo-y paste. Wait, it is not even a paste, what I thought of when I saw this product was a light green paste (I don’t know where the hell I got this image from. From the picture on the packaging maybe?) but it is no where anything near it! 

Image in my head (below)

Reality (below)

The formula was strange; it was transparent goo, like literally. It was dark green in colour and the smell I kid you not, almost suffocated me to death. My god. You cannot believe how pungent the smell was. Definitely worse than the SnailStreet AC Trouble Mask I reviewed not long ago. The smell was so strong, very chemical-like and ugh! I could not stand it at all. The goo smelt like mint + bleach, seriously.

The smell was not the worse part yet. When I put the (I will name the mask ‘smelly goo’) smelly goo on my face, HOMG! No kidding! It burnt the freak out of me! The skincare product that while using it gave me the highest burning feeling was Dr. Jart Black Head Removing Gel Cleanser. The intensity of pain that this smelly goo brought me was thrice as worse. At least Dr. Jart didn’t smell as bad. My face instantly turned red and the worst part was that I could taste the smelly goo! And my eyes could feel it. You know when using a hairspray while you talk and it goes into your mouth? Yes that situation! My tongue could taste it and my eyes could also feel the burn.

How horrible is that?! I was so freaked out I immediately washed the smelly goo away (it was all sticky and hard to budge) and my face was all red and blotchy. I also found tiny red bumps forming on my cheek and till today (3 days later), the red bumps are still visible! I then threw the whole packet away and have still one more packet left which I am definitely NOT gonna use.

I paid SGD$2 for one packet of Montagne Jeunesse Cucumber Peel-Off Masque at Watsons. Will I repurchase? NO WAY IN HELL will I ever ever in my life try this product or anything from this brand ever again! Such a big disappointment! Ratings: 0/5 Stars (I seriously can give a negative point for this).

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Let me clear this up for readers who are viewing this blog of mine for the first time. I am not always this critical about products unless it is something I really do not recommend. I can’t lie and say it is a good product. No way sir. I’ve given many 5/5 Stars and review products that only has 1 con. If a product is good, I will recommend and share the good stuff with all my lovely readers and if it is bad, I am not afraid to blatantly state my truthful opinion. This is definitely not a bias review; this is what actually happened to me and I am reporting out as occurred. I am not in any way preventing people to purchase this product or defaming it. They can, if they still dare to. Heh!

Let me warn you guys, if you really want to try it, do it at your own risk. Be extremely careful and first apply it on less sensitive areas then to more sensitive areas. This mask is gonna hurt like a bitch so be brave. LOL! 

Ps. I do not recommend this product unless you have really insensitive skin! Have any of you guys used this product before? Did this happen to you? Do you recommend it? 

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