Review for L'Oréal Paris Base Magique Transforming Soothing Primer

Review for L'Oréal Paris Base Magique Transforming Soothing Primer

Hey, guys! Today I’m reviewing a product by Loreal which is the Base Magique Transforming Soothing face primer. I bought this quite some time ago, 4 months ago if I’m not wrong. 

Pink in glass pot and becomes transparent blended out. L'Oréal Paris Base Magique Transforming Soothing Primer gives a velvet touch. It has a beautifully smooth texture and is effective at disguising wrinkles and pores. It gives a matte look and a silky finish. It states that the primer is pleasant and easy to apply and it leaves no greasy residue. Used alone or under foundation, it is the perfect a base.

~Pics Time!~


Your face feels so smooth after applying the primer. I use it on my nose, cheek and chin area because these areas get oily the most. Contains no fragrance so people sensitive to fragrance are suitable to use the product.  After using it for 4 months around 4-5 days a week, there are still more than half the glass jar left. I do not use a lot of product, I just dab the product on the 4 areas once and blend well. Face feels extremely smooth and foundation (I use Skin 79 Hot Pink BB Cream) goes on really well. I didn’t notice any clogging of pores or break outs caused by the product.  


There are always white residues left on my face after I blend the primer into my face which I wipe away with a tissue (waste of product ey!). Primer contains silicone so people sensitive or allergic to silicon are not recommended to use this product. The oil control on my face only increased around 25% using the primer compared to my clean face. I did not see a significant difference in oil control when I’m using foundation and just wearing the primer because my Skin 79 Hot Pink BBCream has very good oil control. 

Yadda Yadda:

I bought my Loreal Primer for SGD$19.00 when it was first introduced into Watsons. I’m pretty sure you can find it at any Watsons and Guardian pharmacies. Net weight 15ml. Ratings: 2/5 Stars. Will I repurchase? No. I feel like it didn’t really do anything to my skin.

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