Review for LA Girl Blush in BL554 Blushing

Review for LA Girl Blush in BL554 Blushing 

Hey peeps! Remember my post on the mini LA Girl haul? Today I am going to do a review on LA Girl blush in BL554 Blushing. 


A gorgeous coral pink colour suited for all skin tones! This blush has extremely heavy pigmentation, so do use a light hand when applying. The blush is inexpensive; I bought it for SGD$12.00. Packaging is okay I guess, neither flimsy nor hard to open. Does feel like cheap plastic but still sturdy so I give packaging a 3.5/5. Lasting power is around 6-7 hours before fading occurs significantly.  Find out where I bought it here!


The one thing I absolutely dislike about this product is that the compact blush powder flakes like CRAZY! The fallouts are just horrible. Just swiping my brush in once, all the loose powder flakes appear in the pan and it drives me mad. I have to get rid of the excess loose powder before going for another swipe which is a huge waste of product. The blush is pretty hard to blend, it is really pigmented and it appears on the cheek in blotches. I have to keep blending and blending which is alike to rubbing the skin with a brush and isn’t good for the skin at all. 

Yadda Yadda:

I bought LA Girl blush for SGD$12.00 after a discount (original price SGD$15.00). Guardian also sells them but they are at a pricier side. Net Weight . Will I repurchase? No. I didn’t really like formula, definitely can be improved. Ratings: 2/5 Stars. Do you guys own any LA Girl products? Which do you recommend? 

A/N: From what I know, Guardian's LA Girl section does not sell Blushes but I cannot say so for all Guardians. Check and let me know! :D



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