Just In | Lambretta Franco Steel Mesh Watch

Hi guys! My Lambretta watch just arrived today! It was A LOT bigger than I expected that's what she said. The face of the watch is almost the width of my wrist. I asked my mum what she thought about the watch, if it was too big for me and she said it looked really nice.

She said although the watch is big, the design is very minimalistic so it really balances the oversized appearance. I do need to get the length altered though which would probably cost me another $10-$15.

I also love how the box carries the exact size and design of the watch! 

Lambretta watches can be purchased here directly from the website. I bought it from Reebonz during an event for around $80. Watch design is the Franco steel mesh.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I am trying to get back into blogging more regularly but its hard finding exciting content to blog on. Let me know in the comments section below what you would like to see on this blog! I'll try my best so please stay tune for more cool stuff coming up!    


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