MAC brush cleanser review + How I spot clean brushes

Hi guys! I'm sure you folks living in Singapore have experienced the matter which has erupted over our island in the past few days. This issue which has been causing all sorts of illnesses to emerge is none other than the haze. I believe the haze was caused by forest fires in Indonesia and it is the worst haze Singapore has experienced in 16 years, reaching the dangerous level of PSI 200.

*Edit: The PSI has hit an all time high at 371! My skin has been so dry lately. Please drink lots of water and moisturize well :D

People exposed to high levels of haze, or breathing in toxic fumes for long periods will experience sore throats, headaches, breathlessness and is very dangerous for people with respiratory conditions (e.g. asthma) and young children. And for vain girls like me, the haze is having adverse effects on the skin. Zits have been popping out in areas that I usually do not get acne sigh

So other than staying indoors and keeping the face clean, the one important factor that most people disregard, is cleaning of the makeup brushes. Dust and dirt from the haze can be transferred from the brushes onto the skin. Ever since a new MAC counter launched 2 bus stops away from my house, I've been really tempted to spend all my savings on beauty products. Not to say that there is also a Bobbi Brown counter and Sephora nearby.

I got a brush cleanser from MAC which I have no idea why I didn't get it sooner because this is definitely one of the beauty staples everyone needs. It costs S$21 for a 235ml bottle of brush cleanser and is available at all MAC outlets.

It is included in the Back To Mac (B2M) scheme so if you collect 6 empty MAC bottles/containers, you can exchange them for a MAC lipstick! 

So how I spot clean my brushes, I pour some of the cleanser onto a paper towel. Then I just swipe my brushes in horizontal, vertical and circular motions to really get into all the areas of the brush. This is especially important for very dense brushes, you want to make sure that all the bristles of the brushes are cleaned. I do that continuously until there is no more colour rubbing off onto the paper towel.

Missha foundation/concealer brush


 I tried it on my trusty EcoTools retractable kabuki brush which I use almost everyday...


1) Does the job well
2) Quick and easy to use
3) Mess free
4) Accessible, available at all MAC outlets
5) Does not contain fragrance

1)  May be expensive for such a small bottle
2) The cap leaks so always position if vertically and not horizontally

Final verdict: I highly recommend this brush cleanser if you are looking for a high quality brush cleanser that does not only clean but also conditions the brush bristles. 

So that's all for today's post, I hope you guys enjoyed it! And for those experiencing the haze, remember to drink lots of water and rest well!



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