Snips and bits #7 | Interesting buys

1. The Pandora bracelet was a gift from my friend. I did a blog post on it so (click here if you are interested in more closeups. I LOVE it! I have been wearing this literally every time I got out because it just matches all my outfits and it is a very subtle, simple and dainty piece. You can stack more bracelets on it or wear it alone as a touch of elegance.

2. I definitely cannot rave enough about this perfume. I'm pretty sure all of you are sick of me talking about the Eclat d'Arpege by LANVIN. I saw it at Mustafa at a much much cheaper price compared to departmental stores so you might want to check out the perfume section at Mustafa and maybe you can find a sweet deal!

3. I have been using the Tanda Zap religiously over the past few days ever since I got it. I must say that I am very impressed with the results! My forehead haven't been this smooth in a LONG time. I will write a detailed review once I've tested out the battery life etc. (Click here for review)

4. I've tried out some of the brushes I got from EcoTools. They aren't scratchy at all unlike my (UBU brushes) which were terribly disappointing. The eyeliner brush that came in the 6-piece set is a little too big for my tiny eyes but I like how quickly I was able to achieve a winged out eyeliner look which I usually go for everyday. (Click here for review)

That is all folks! Detailed reviews will be up very soon, and if you have not joined my ongoing SKII Facial Treatment Essence giveaway, please (click here) to join, there is only 5 days left! Cheers!


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