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Hi guys! I haven't posted in 4 days?! It just felt like yesterday since I last posted. The past week has been really crazy so I took a short little break from blogging. My body felt really lethargic these days so I wanted to get into an exercise regime. I got a pair of new balance running shoes from an outlet store a few days ago. I really like the hot pink on black and how the design slims the feet. I've tried many running shoes that makes the feet look 2 times bigger and bulkier and of course I did not like it at all.

I'm embarrassed to say that I don't exercise at all, I am very bad at sports. My body doesn't have enough stamina to run for a long period of time and it has been like that since young. I'm sure some I am not alone in this. However there are so many benefits to exercising. It keeps depression at bay because the body produces endorphins while exercising and the skin retains its youth. Of course the body feels less fatigue and have more energy to accomplish challenging tasks. I feel more alert after exercising too!

I am starting small by exercising once a week for an hour. I am definitely just quick walking, my body is in no condition of doing any intensive running activities because my body is still getting accustomed to exercising.

So join me in my journey of getting a health and strong body! I'll see you guys in my next post! Cheers :D

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