How to get the perfect oversized denim jacket

Hi guys! This post will be on how to get the perfect oversized denim jacket. I know many ladies including myself who have trouble finding nice denim jackets that fit the way we want. Especially here in Singapore, oversized denim jackets are almost never seen in stores or ridiculously overpriced. So I stand by the quote 'if you can't find one, you make one'!


The sleeves were too long, so I had to fold up the cuffs 4 times resulting in very thick cuffs. The length was too long for my preference. 

Length of jacket is fixed to a slight cropped design. Length of sleeves is also shortened so I only need to fold once or twice for a neat, casual look.

My inspirational picture!

Things I find for in oversized denim jackets:

1) Material must be soft 
If the denim is too hard, it will make the body appear bigger because of its boxy shape. Find one that has a thinner material than denim jackets you would find in Forever21. Remember that a denim shirt is different from a denim jacket.

 2) The shoulder lines on jacket must be at least an inch away from shoulders.
This really makes the denim jacket look oversized. If the shoulder lines are too close to your shoulders it will make the shoulders appear wider that it actually is.

3) Find one that has a cropped length
I really like oversized denim jackets that is slightly cropped.  It doesn't weigh down the look making the denim jacket look too overpowering. If you can't find one that has a cropped length, just alter it!

4) Cheap!
Since there may be some altering to do, you might want to find a cheap denim jacket. Try thrifts stores or even your dad's wardrobe of unwanted clothes! So if it gets messed up during altering, at least you wouldn't feel the pinch. Or if you have a nice denim jacket that is too big for you and you still want to make it work which was what I did.

Below are the ways I did to get my oversized denim jacket to work for me.

The total costs came up to $20 for altering and £15 for the denim jacket.

River Island denim jacket size XXL from Men section.

I shortened the sleeves 11 inches (ask the tailor to retain the cuffs of the sleeves)

I shortened the length of the jacket by 1 button spacing. (retain original jacket edge as well). There were pockets in the way so I had to get it chopped off.

I don't consider this a DIY post since I didn't really do any sewing at all, I regard this post as like a fashion inspiration for transforming old clothes, if you have some clothes that can be resurrected from the wasteland of old clothes you know you have it, then do it! 

I really really like the results and how my jacket turned out. A big thanks to my tailor, she is amazing and you can't tell that my jacket is altered unless you look really closely at the pockets.

If you have been looking for an oversized denim jacket but haven't found one, this may be a little guide for you to make your own! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I'll see you guys in my next one! Cheers :)

Let me know in the comments below 'what are your fashion woes?' Mine would definitely be finding the right denim jacket that doesn't emphasize my broad shoulders! 


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