January Fashion Haul | H&M, Soeurs.Co

Hey guys! So just a forewarn, this month's fashion haul is not very exciting. BUT, but, but...there are some interesting pieces I really wanted to share. Since I busted my shopping budget last month, I had to put the rest to good use.  So lets get started with the haul shall we?

You guys have probably seen my Soeurs.Co purchases in this post. I love this piece, such a statement and adventurous top, I'm sure you guys already know I freaking love houndstooth. And its the more bigger and elaborated patterns that really catches they eyes. I think it will look amazing with some statement earrings and a pair of high waisted jeans. I got it for S$19.80 using a 20% off coupon.

Pardon the crumpled mess! This piece is really pretty in real life, sadly my camera could not capture its true beauty. This is a marble print blouse made of soft satin material. I was definitely attracted by the print, this is something I would totally wear, very my style. It is a little bit big on me, I may wear it as it is, or use it as an outerwear on chilly days! It was S$32.90 on Soeurs.co.

From H&M's sale section, I got this basic chiffon shirt. What made me bought it was the material. The chiffon was so soft, it drapes really nicely on the shoulders and makes a wonderful difference on the neckline. I got it in size 32 and it was on sale for only S$20! Screw white balance!

I bought this purely for a BBQ party last month. I didn't expect to like it so much but I really do. This tank top has become one of those pieces that is affordable and you unconsciously keep reaching out for it. I have worn this on multiple occasions, school, parties, you name it. This is a loose basic tank top that every girl needs in her wardrobe. A must have! Retails for S$12.90. 

I will be posting my Chinese New Year outfits next week or so, so stay tune for that if you are interested. So that's all guys! I hope you enjoyed it!


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