April & May Fashion Haul | Lulu&Rose, ASOS

Hey guys! April & May haul is up! This month (or rather 2 months) has been really stressful for me. I didn't get to shop much so the haul is rather small compared to the Feb&March one which was a little bit crazy. But I did get some cute pieces online, mostly from Singsale and ASOS. Super excited to show you guys what I got so lets jump right into it.

From SheInside, I got this really nice floral design denim jacket. It is very lightweight so it is great for summer. I would wear this with a loose boyfriend tee with my hair in a messy bun. Very cute and again, I am a huge sucker for anything floral so this is something I would totally wear on a daily basis. This jacket only comes in one size but I feel that it will fit from a UK8-12. I bought it for US$33. 

Blue Lapel Long Sleeve Floral Crop Jacket

I got this leather jacket from Singsale. It is from the brand Lulu&Rose. I have been on the look out for a nice leather jacket, but it is always either too expensive or too poor quality. I know Zara has great designs but comes with a $200 price tag which is out of the budget for some of us. I LOVE this jacket. The quality is amazing, the material is so soft and the best part-I got it for S$62. SAY WHAT! I like how it doesn't add bulk to the silhouette, many times leather jacket makes the top half very heavy and bulky looking but this jacket doesn't do that.  The spikes on the shoulders makes it look extra edgy as well. Definitely not something I would wear on a daily basis but I will absolutely bring it with me for an important event whenever I need that extra boost of sass. I got it in a size XS.

 Lulu&Rose Hells Angels Stud Biker Jacket

From ASOS sale section, I got this really cute jumper with really sweet foil roses on the front and the back. I just knew I had to get it the moment I saw it. Jumpers with graphic designs are all over the runways, online webstores, big name brands, literally everywhere this year so you can't really go wrong with this piece. And I think the jumper was only 8 pounds!

ASOS Cropped Sweatshirt With Foil Rose

I also got my hands on this playsuit from ASOS. It looks really cute and preppy. I got it in a size 12 as it was the only available size left. It fits a little bit big on me but I reckon a a couple of snips and tuck will make it fit better. I did a more detailed post on it so check it out here!


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