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L - R: Studio Nails 24/7 Nail Base / Floral Grunge 01 Be Flowerful / Colour&Go 107 Naughty & Pink

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, life here is starting to get pretty busy but anyways, enough of the boring talk. Surprise surprise, I got 3 more polishes from Essence! I'm sure only a handful of you guys are interested in nail posts but I still wanted to share these gems with y'all. I previously got 5 nail products from them, and I really like their nail polishes so I went back and got some more.

I got 3 more polishes from them. I got the Studio Nails 24/7 Nail Base which is like a matte base coat, the Floral Grunge 01 Be Flowerful and another Colour&Go polish shade 107 Naughty & Pink. The base coat is amazing, it dries really quickly and I currently have on 01 Be Flowerful for almost a week now and it did not chip at all. I have my eyes on a few other polishes so I may go back and get them next week.

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Essence Floral Grunge 01 Be Flowerful 
Essence Colour&Go 107 Naughty & Pink 
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