Just Ordered | Stylemint

Dress: Vaneza Dress in Tribal Print / Skirt: Tristen Skirt in Blue / Trousers: Tribeca Pants in Heather Grey / All from Stylemint

I just placed an order for the above items from Stylemint via Singsale. I'm sure you guys have heard of Stylemint before, if you haven't you totally should! Stylemint is an exclusive apparel collection designed by celebrity Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. What differs Stylemint from other celebrity brands is that Stylemint offers affordable clothes in casual, everyday styles, nothing too grand or out of our comfort zone. I have been a fan of the Olsen twins for as long as I can remember, they are always very fashionable and their style is very fresh and interesting. Sadly Stylemint isn't available outside the United States and Canada so there is no way for me to buy more styles! I'm sure most of the items I ordered are still available at Singsale since I just checked out an hour before. Can't wait for my order to arrive!




  1. Love the color of those dress!! Such a cute outfit!