New blog template!

Hey guys! Yes, I am still alive and kicking, I sorry I have not updated for so long. I am sort of on a break currently so please anticipate more posts during these coming 2 weeks. Now to more exciting news, if you are a reader of mine, you would have noticed that my blog template has changed! 

I always had issues with my last blog template, it was just a temporary basic blogger template because I didn’t know if my interest for blogging was going to last long enough for me to do up a professional looking website, because we all know that that takes up a lot of time.

I chose a minimalistic blog template and deleted some irrelevant features. I think it looks really nice now, simple and clean, just what I wanted initially. Now my blog is really easy to navigate and I am loving the plain black and white background and text. I think it looks really nice. And kudos to me who figured out the html codes to edit the template all by myself. *triumph smile*

I have also given up using NuffnangX because it was a pain in the ass. The commenting system did not match with my blogs so it was all a mess, I kept getting comments everywhere. So now all comments are returned to the original method :)

So tell me in the comments below what you think of my new blog template, thumbs up of thumbs down?