Acnes Metholatum Medicated Nose Pore Strips

Review for Acnes Metholatum Medicated Nose Pore Strips

Hey guys! Remember in my Biore Black Pore Pack review I stated that I got these Acnes Metholatum Medicated Nose Pore Strips? I’ve tried it multiple times and below are my two cents on the product. 

These pore strips are packaged very similarly to the Biore Pore Packs which I have done a review earlier on. Each packet contains 10 pore strips but unlike the Biore Black Pore Pack which is black in colour, the Acnes Metholatum Medicated Nose Pore Strips are white in colour. 

Application is exactly the same as the Biore Black Pore Pack. Please note that the nose has to be wet entirely, in my opinion the more wet the nose area is, the better the pore strip adheres. I always splash the area with water and apply the strip immediately.

 Start time:

End time:



Very simple application, the main point of applying pore strips is to remember to wet the area entirely. If you have a problem with pore strips not adhering properly, you did not use enough water. I nearly cried peeling off my pore strips when I applied way too much water once. 

It does contain a nice medicated scent, nothing overly strong. After application it does leave the skin slightly warm. 

Individually packaged to keep the product fresh.

The strip does not contain any ‘flaps’ as I like to call them, so they don’t really fit nicely on the nose, since all nose shapes are different. The Biore pore strips has flaps and I think that these flaps are vital to help the strip adhere to the crannies of the nose, similar to face masks in a sense. 

 'Flaps' on Biore Black Pore Strip

I actually dislike the fact that the strip is white in colour. White pore strips makes your extracted dirt camouflage into the background. I had a hard time finding pores that were extracted and had an even harder time capturing with my camera. 

Did it perform as well as the Biore pore strips? Sadly no, I was quite disappointed with the amount of dirt it extracted, I feel that the Biore ones managed to extract more gunk, or maybe it was because of the colour of the strips that made it seem that the Biore ones extracted more? Hmm.. You guys be the judge then!

Yadda Yadda:

You can buy the Acnes Metholatum Medicated Nose Pore Strips at pharmacies, NTUCs etc. They are around the same price as the Biore Pore Strips, you can get them ranging from $4-$5. Will I repurchase? Probably not, the Biore Pore Pack adheres better to the shape of my nose and I feel that it extracted more dirt from my pores. 

Price: 3/5
Effectiveness: 2/5 (a little disappointing compared to other pore strips)
Packaging: 5/5
Overall rating: 3/5

Have you tried any brands of pore strips? Which ones do you like best? Tell me in the comments below! For me I definitely prefer the Biore Black Pore strips best! 


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