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I ordered these 2 items from River Island at like 3am in the morning. They caught my eyes the moment I saw them and I just HAD to get them no matter what. So I purchased them from River Island which was my first time purchasing directly, and the delivery charge was flat rate at £10 equivalent to $20. These 2 items sold out FAST, I had to get a UK6 for the daisy jumper because it sold out of my size (UK8) when I was checking out my cart. How crazy is that!

River Island is having a sale right now so do check it out if you're interested. They have some really awesome stuff on clearance and I'm kind of regretting it now that I only got 2 items. I'll update you guys on the delivery and all. The 2 items are sold out now but may come back in stock (that usually happens). See you guys in my next post! Cheers!

Navy Daisy Jumper
Grey Tattoo Print T-shirt Dress



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