Snips and Bits #2

Hey guys! I have some Instagram snips and bits for you guys so please enjoy!

 Absolutely ADORABLE small and petite Levis bag I got from Singsale! 

Newlook Leopard Print Belt 

Things I do at PaylessShoes...

 H&M Cranberry Cable Knit (left) & Pastel Pink Angora Furry Knit (right) 
Colours are a little muted here but aren't they so adorable? :)
I think they are still available in stores

I always get my spaghetti basic tops from F21, they are so comfy and affordable!

That's all guys, I'll see you in a few days for another post. Leave me lots of lovely comments, I'm able to reply directly from NuffnangX app in my phone now and I swear it makes replying to comments so instant and enjoyable. I was a little bit confused with the commenting system in NuffnangX before but I think I got it settled now :)

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