MAC Fluidline Gel EyeLiner in Black Track

Review for MAC Fluidline Gel EyeLiner in Black Track

Hey guys! So today’s topic is all about eyeliners!

I put on eyeliner almost 5 days a week, I’m a total eyeliner girl, and I never go out without my eyes drawn. In my opinion, lining the eyes just makes the eyes pop, especially for girls with small eye like me, eyeliner is a big life savior.  

I’ve only used a couple of gel liners before, the Maybelline eye studio gel liner and KATE gel liner, I usually prefer to use liquid liners because as you guys know, I have the oiliest lids possible. Liquid liner tends to stay on longer and smudge less. Anyways I’ll try to give you guys as much details and comparisons as I can. 




I use it with my KATE eyeliner brush





The MAC gel liner is definitely the best gel liner I’ve ever tried. The texture is amazing, creamy and thick but not dry and glides on the eyes very smoothly. 

A big pro is that this gel liner does not dry up in the pot. I’ve been using it religiously for probably 7-8 months now and as you can see, I haven’t even used half yet. And the consistency still remains the same after all this time. I think MAC has really done well with the glass pot packaging, although it is a tiny bit bulky, the freshness retaining power is amaze-balls.

I remembered I had to throw my Maybelline gel eyeliner away was because it totally dried up and hardened in the pot after I stopped using it for awhile (which is around 3 months-ish). But meh, the staying power of the Maybelline gel liner was BAD, I mean raccoon eyes bad.   


It does smudge onto my outer corners of my bottom eyelids; I have not tried anything that has not stayed on my eyes without smudging. But amongst all the gel eyeliners I’ve used, this is definitely hands down the best. Nonetheless I was kinda disappointed because everyone was raving about its staying power. It has good staying power but it still smudges a little.

If you don’t have extremely oily lid or watery eyes, I highly recommend this to you; this will stay on your eyelids for the entire day.

If you are looking for a very intense black eyeliner, this may not be the one for you. As shown in the swatches above, you do need to go over a couple of times to get an opaque line. I will suggest getting the Majolica Majorca liquid eyeliner which is still currently my favourite eyeliner to use although you do need to go over 2 times. 

It is quite expensive for a gel liner, I think it retails around SGD$28 at all MAC outlets, but I think it is worth the price. I mean $28 for a gel liner that can last an entire year is quite worth it.

It does not come with any brushes, if you want you can buy a MAC eyeliner brush but I just use my trusty KATE eyeliner brush with costs around SGD$7 at Watsons which is AMAZING & affordable. 

Yadda Yadda:

I do think this is very good product, definitely worth every penny and I highly recommend if you are looking for a good quality gel liner. It is a great gift as well! Will I repurchase? Yes! Definitely a staple in my makeup bag!

That’s all guys! I hope you guys enjoyed the review and have a great weekend ahead! As always if you have any questions, messages, feedback, feel free to leave them in the comments section below or email me at, I do reply to all emails.

Do recommend me your favourite gel eyeliner down in the comments below and maybe I’ll try it out next time!




Price: 4/5
Packaging: 5/5
Lasting power: 4/5
Overall rating: 4/5


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