Pastel Blue And Galloping Horses

Hi guys! How is your week? For me, it has been a crazy seven days, both positively and negatively, mainly being at parties, wedding dinners, major problems with school work and including comforting friends after break ups. I went to Lovisa before a birthday party and saw some pretty pieces that were on sale. Of course I couldn't pass them up and got them immediately.

I got 2 necklaces from Lovisa, one is a gorgeous pastel blue bib necklace and a fun, wacky horse herd necklace. The pale blue necklace is made from glass beads and they look slightly lilac in real life. I like wearing it over just a simple white t-shirt or over a maxi dress to glam up any outfit. The glass beads in the middle row have a darker hue to them to give the necklace a more textured and 3-dimensional look. Original price was S$50, on sale for S$15.

I also bought a horse herd necklace with gold galloping horse pendants on them. I think it is a very quirky and cute necklace design and I think it will be a conversational piece if you want to make a plain, dull outfit look interesting. I think it will be great for school and outdoor activities where you want your outfit to be casual yet out of the ordinary. Reduced from S$26 to S$9.

These items should still be available in stores so check them out if you are interested. Let me know which piece you like, or if you have any favourite jewelry items from Lovisa.


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