Etude House Vivid Pop Stick no.3 Just Dance

Girls are always on the quest to find the ultimate lip product, 1. unique colour that looks absolutely amaze-balls on you, 2. makes your dry lips look plump and kissable which is never possible in my case, and lastly, doesn't put a hole in your pocket. But we are often, I mean almost 90%, left disappointed with our lipstick purchase. 

Therefore after so many failed and successful lipstick purchases, I sort of figured myself out. Which colours look good on me, and which colours make me look like a character from The Walking Dead. Trust me it's true.

It is all trial and error, everyone is different, and it depends heavily on skin tones. You can either try lipsticks out by using testers in stores, buy them and try it out, or if your friend has a big collection, just ask them if you can try them on. I am sure they will not stop you.  

So I think I may have found the ultimate lip product my favourite lipstick or at least at the moment which is what I am reviewing today. Etude house recently launch a lip crayon range called the 'Vivid Pop Stick'. So what is different from other drugstore lip crayons on the market is that the Vivid Pop Stick lip crayon is MATTE. It comes in a wide range of unique bright colours and many ways to wear them!

The shade I am introducing today is no. 3 Just Dance which imo will look good on almost all skin tones especially fairer skin tones. This particular colour is very trendy this year, I would describe it as a hot pink + red or in fancy language , a watermelon pink shade.

This shade is very wearable because it is not as 'in-your-face' as a stark red colour. Plus I haven't seen this shade in a matte crayon lipstick form so double thumbs up!

 Left : swatched lightly / Right : swatched heavily

 Above: all the product in the tube

 I'm sure everyone knows that matte lip products are always drying, I wore this for the whole yesterday and surprisingly enough, it did not dry my lips out. My lips did get dry but not all crackly and flaky which I usually encounter using lipsticks. It did make it looks slightly drier, but that happens with all matte lip products.

The colour is amazingly versatile, buildable to an opaque shade, or you can dab it slighly to achieve a stained or gradient look. The colour pigmentation looks exactly the same on hand and on lips.

The shape of the crayon makes application a breeze, there is no sharpening needed, just twist for more product. 

The Vivid Pop lip crayon retails for S$14.90 which is fairly afforable for lip crayons. You can get them cheaper for S$8.90 here. I definitely would be getting more colours, thereafter doing a more thorough review/comparison.

Since it is on the dry side, it adheres to the lips very well, leaving a nice stain so even after a heavy meal of  soup and noodles, it almost looks untouched. 

It may be too drying for some people, so if you have sensitive lips, you may want to steer clear away from this one. Also, if you like glossy lip colours and matte isn't your thing, I don't recommend the Vivd Pop range as they are very, very matte.

Will I repurchase? Yes! I am planning on purchasing more colours, mainly the hot pink one (no.4) and either pink no.3 or coral no.6. If you are looking into matte lipsticks, I recommend trying this out!

Price: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5
Lasting power: 5/5
Product: 4/5 
Overall rating: 5/5

That's all guys! I hope you enjoyed this review and I'll see you in my next post, cheers!

 *Edit : Check out my review on all 3 lip colours (#2, #3, #4) here!


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