Coping with stress

Hi guys, so today's topic is about stress. Life can be stressful, and sometimes things don't go your way. I had the worst past week in my entire life, I was so frustrated and stressed out, I could not control my temper and as if heaven has been playing a trick on my, that time-of-the-month came which worsen my stress level by tenfold. I was placed in situations where there is nothing I can do to make the condition better and all I want to do is to sit down and cry.

I am bad at stress. I become very irritable and cranky even though it has been much better these years. And I am absolutely sure I am not the only one who needs anger management. So I have come up with a few methods that I found useful to cope with stress.

1. The most effective method I have tried to instantly alleviate stress is to drink something sweet. Drink a can of sweet tea, coca cola, pepsi, fruit juice, whichever floats your boat. I feel that I immediately ease up and become more positive, less angry and I am able to think more clearly. Perhaps when I feel that everything is going the wrong way, the sweetness in drinks cheered me up a little bit.

2. Retail therapy. As cliche as it sounds, it works. And I don't mean retail therapy as window shopping, I mean you spend real money and buy pretty stuff. Materialistic it may seem, but the excitement of buying something you like, be it a necklace, a lipstick, a bag, even a $10 t-shirt(anything works) distract you from the problem and make you feel motivated to start another day to wear your purchase out. So second tip to cope with stress, spend money on yourself.

3. Sleep. Sleep away the problem. Sometimes it is the mind that gives you the stress. If you are like me and you spend the whole day thinking about the problem and get so depressed that it is disrupting normal daily activities, try sleeping without setting an alarm. Sleeping calms down your mind and you find temporary relieve even for a few hours, which I think helps a lot when you are depressed.

4. Change your appearance. Just had a bad breakup? Failed your exams? As if letting the past go and moving on with your brand new life, changing your appearance helps to cope with stress and anxiety. Do you have anything you always wanted to change? Maybe you should try out a lighter hair colour, go for a manicure to pamper yourself, change up your lip colour and wear a bright lipstick for the day. All these changes helps psychologically to break apart from your previous lifestyle and start afresh. 

5. Think to yourself what you are grateful for in that moment and tell yourself  'it could have been worse'. For me, throughout the week I was grateful for my mother who stood by me during my tough times, tolerated me even when I raised my temper at her for no reason. My dad, who would call me during work because he was worried about me. And just think to yourself that the situation could be have been way worse, you could have lost everything but you didn't. At least there are still people that love you, and that is all that matters. And you will feel positive energy instantly.

That's all guys, my 5 tips and tricks to deal with stress. Let me know down in the comments section how you cope with stress, are you like me who needs to be distracted away from the problem, or are you one who eats the stress away. I'll see you in my next post! Stay composed and stress-free!



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