7 Must Buys at Daiso Singapore!

Hey guys! If you haven't been to Asia, you may not know what Daiso is. Daiso is a 100 yen large franchise store, meaning that all products in the shop are 100 yen. In Singapore, all items are S$2 and there are currently 11 outlets islandwide. I would consider Daiso a one-stop shop for cheap gadgets, tools, kitchen utilities. They have literally everything you can think of and are all at only $2!


I have been asked multiple times by strangers in the store asking what this is for. This is probably more widely known as a lint remover. I don't use this on my clothes but I find this so useful for picking up hairs on carpets/beds. This is definitely one life hack weapon for people with long hair. The handy tool picks up dusts, dirt and hair within a snap, tear off the sheet and easily dispose it into the trash bin without any hassle.


Daiso is divided into different sections in a store. I always look through the makeup aisle because sometimes, there are treasures that goes unnoticed. Eyelashes for S$2?! Heck yeah! There are a plethora of different eyelash designs, I have tried many of them over the years and I feel that these ones I got are one of the more natural looking ones.


If you are looking for bubble wraps, zip-lock bags, clear plastic pocket bags, you can always find them at Daiso. Probably not the cheapest bought in bulk but if you are just starting out or you are like me who needs small quantities for storage/giveaways, there are tons of different sizes to choose from. 


I LOVE these stackable lotion containers that Daiso have currently. You can buy multiples of it and stack them all together! I have a lot of samples of bb creams, moisturizers, even loose eyeshadows and having them all in a single stack is so much more convenient than looking through samples when in rush for time. I particularly favour the clear containers because I can see the contents from outside.

These slinky rubber bands are definitely a replacement for the traditional fabric hair ties that we use. They comes in a pack of 6 colourful bands or 6 black bands. I have 2 packs of these and they are a must have in my makeup bag. They don't leave a indent in the hair and holds up to wear and tear very well.


Every girl needs one of these five compartment containers. I use them to store my bobby pins, hair ties, clips that would 'mysteriously vanish' whenever I need them. Having it in a single place is so much more helpful!


I had no idea these even existed! These are plastic stud earrings and can be found in the cosmetics section of Daiso. I am always wearing plastic studs and no matter how many times you buy them, when you need it, they cannot be found anywhere. It is as if a black hole swallowed them all, a black hole that includes erasers, bobby pins and our tv remote controls if you know what I mean. With this contraption, whenever I need one, I can just pull them off the stem and use them immediately. 

This rounds up my top 7 buys from Daiso. Do you have any must buys from Daiso? Let us know in the comments below!


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