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The winner of my giveaway is Marilyn!

Congratulations Marilyn! I have already emailed you, so do reply back to me with your home address and I’ll sent the package right away.

Thank you all so much for entering, I am already planning for another giveaway so please stay tune to my blog, I’ll have more exciting products to giveaway to you guys.


Exciting news!

My blogsale website is up! I spent an entire day doing up that blog making it as professional as I can and I am quite impressed by myself seeing that I am quite the technology idiot. 

If you do not find anything you like, do not fret, stay tune to ShopAnonymousReviews because I will be adding products from time to time. At the moment there are only cosmetics available but I’ll put up more apparel after I find a suitable location for photo taking.  

Prices do not include local postage [Normal Mail: +$1.00 (no tracking), Registered Mail +$3.00 (tracking available), International Registered Mail: +$6.00]. Items in Blog sale are products that I do not use on a regular basis or I bought too many backups of. They are in excellent condition either used less than 5 times or brand new. 

Items are all wiped cleaned and disinfected the best I can, and most items will come in its original boxes. All information about products is stated in the webstore so go check it out.

Thank you for all your support and I truly hope that you can find what you like in the webstore. As always if you have any suggestions, feedback, questions always feel free to email me at




A/N: As you guys can see, I’ve made some changes to Anonymous Reviews, it no longer has a pink background. I decided to go for a more simple plain background that complements with all photos. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and I'll see you guys soon!




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