Tony Moly Tony Tint Cherry Pink Lip Tint

Review on Tony Moly Tony Tint Cherry Pink Lip Tint

Hey guys, long time no chat! I’ve been really busy since school started so I have been lacking on updating this blog. I will be on track soon so hopefully you guys can bear with me for a while. 

Today’s review will be on Tony Moly’s lip tint in cherry pink. I’m sure you guys have heard tons and tons of reviews on them, most reviews raving about them. I bought it last year or even earlier (I have done a haul on it earlier, read it here for more info about price) but did not use it regularly. The lip tint I tend to reach out for is my Nature Republic Stain Girl’s Tint. I’ll do a couple of comparisons between the 2.

Firstly the stain comes out as a dark blood red colour. After blending it in, it becomes a cool reddish pink shade. The tint can be used on the lips or cheek

With 1 swipe of product (below)

Lightly blended (below)

Fully blended (below)

Here are some pictures side by side comparison between Nature Republic Stain Girl’s Tint in Red and Tony Moly Tony Tint in Cherry Pink.

One swipe of product (below)

 Fully blended. Notice their slightly different undertones. (below)


The colour is more vibrant, darker as shown in the pictures. Nature Republic Stain Girl’s Tint dries almost instantly with a swipe onto the hand and has a warmer undertone to it. Tony Moly Lip Tint’s applicator deposits more product onto the lips therefore requires blending using fingers. Even after blending it out, the colour remains very vibrant.

The stain stays on for a long time as compared to other lip tints. Using a regular makeup remover will not remove the stain entirely. It is best to use a lip makeup remover. If you are looking for a long lasting lip tint, this is your ultimate choice.

As you guys can tell, I have used it only a couple of times to test the product out. I have extremely dry and sensitive lips, anything I put on my lips dries it out completely, even some lip balms. This lip tint especially, dries out my lips so bad so I can’t use it too often.

Furthermore, I’m not sure if I am the only one that experiences it but when I apply the product onto my lips initially, it stings my lips for a little while. I haven’t read a review that states that so it may be due to my sensitive lips.

I find that Tony Moly Lip Tint seeps into the cracks of my lips and when that happens, it is very hard to blend out. Most lip tints do that but since the Tony Moly lip tint has such a strong colour, it accentuates the cracks even more.

Just like any other lip tints, Tony Moly Lip Tint has a slight bitter cherry chemical taste, which some dislike. 

Too bad for me, as I may have to use this lip tint as a cheek tint instead :'(

Yadda Yadda:

I you prefer more of a stronger look, want your lip tint to last forever and do not have sensitive lips, I highly recommend the Tony Moly Lip Tint.

If you have dry, sensitive lips that crack, or prefer a more natural look, I will not recommend the Tony Moly Lip Tint. Maybe go for a softer lip tint such as the Nature Republic Stain Girl’s Tint or Etude House’s ones. 

Packaging: 4/5

Price: 4/5 (I think I paid SGD12.34)

Effectiveness: 4/5 (Extremely long lasting but very drying)

Overall rating: 4/5

A/N: I haven’t done a makeup product review in such a long time so I was very excited doing this post, I hope you guys enjoyed it as well as I did!


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