Mole Removal Surgery (Part 2-Recovery at 3rd Week)

Hey guys! Ya’ll know I got my moles removed on 1st August, I’ve blog the entire experience down with other information such as the price and the pain level so head over there if you have not read it. (Read it here). So I’m at my third week of healing, recovery process has been amazing, not painful at all. My moles are pretty darn big so if yours are smaller than mine, you are definitely going to healing faster. 

Lets recap on how my ‘wound’ looked like 2 days after my surgery.


 Right arm

 Taken on the second day after bandages are removed, the area is still quite bruised. Bleeding has mostly stopped. Skin is quite raw and wet.

3 Weeks later…


 Flaky skin with some scabbing. Slight concave scar on cheek but definitely not as deep as it was before. I'm sure giving it time the scar will flatten out completely. Wound area does not hurt at all anymore.

Right arm

 Large round scab with flaking skin around wound area. Does not hurt at all unless I try to pick on the scab (a very bad habit of mine).

I hope these pictures will help anyone out there who wants to do a mole removal surgery through laser treatment. I highly encourage anybody to do it. Also, if you haven't already read my experience post on the mole removal surgery which in my opinion may clear some of your doubts, click here

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend ahead and as always, if you have any questions please feel free to comment down below or email me at, I respond to all questions. Thank you for reading!

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  1. shit looks painful D: did it leave any scars?

    1. Hi Broken Pencil,

      Firstly, thank you for commenting and welcome to my blog. Sorry for the late reply, and yes, scarring is inevitable since my mole is very deep rooted.

      I had it since young so the more deep rooted it is. And I got the moles removed by laser surgery therefore it is the same as cutting and burning off part of the flesh so definitely it is going to scar.

      The pain level is very bearable and I do not have a high pain tolerance. But since it is something that I have always wanted to get done, I guess I got more courage from that thought :)

  2. ouch! this looks really painful!! I admire you for your courage!! If it was me, I probably wouldn't dare to do it!):

    1. Hi Vainy Maynee,

      Thank you for commenting! And it isn't that painful at all, i would consider the entire process a 2/10. The most painful part was the initial anesthetic jab on my cheek. That really did hurt. But I've always wanted to get rid of it since young so I so glad it is finally gone! :)