Update + Apple Ipod Nano 1st generation Replacement Program

Hey guys! Sorry for missing in action for such a long time, I just finished my finals so I wish to you guys an update that I am still around and I will be getting on track hopefully by tomorrow. Since I am now on my holidays, I will be updating with reviews and fashion hauls very often so do be sure to check out this blog every now and then!

I just collected my Apple Ipod Nano from the Apple Ipod Nano 1st generation replacement program earlier. I did a blog review on it previously and I’ll link it here. They replaced my first gen nano with the latest 6th generation ipod nano 8gb! They didn’t include anything else though. For ‘anything else’ I mean earpiece and such. It didn’t even come in a box so I was kind of disappointed with that. But I gained a new Ipod so I am still ecstatic about. 

Sorry for the short post, I am so sleep deprived right now so hopefully after I get this post up I’ll get some quality beauty sleep. I will be posting my February Haul some time this week and there are lots of goodies this month so do stay tune~! 

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