Double Eyelid Tapes + Application + FAQs

Double Eyelid Stickers/Tapes + Application + FAQs

Today’s post will be all about Double Eyelid Tapes. If you guys follow my blog you know that recently I got my laptop hardisk replaced which means that all my reviews that I haven’t posted up yet were deleted. This post is also one of those that was deleted so I’ll try my best to rewrite it as close to my memory as possible.

I have been a double eyelid tape user for years now, so I do know some tips and tricks on using it. My favourite brand is Rhomlon Double eyelid tapes which comes with 60 tapes (30 pairs) per pack and are available at all Aries or any Asian beauty supplies store. I’m not really sure if it is available outside Singapore though.

Rhomlon Double eyelid tapes looks like this:

Double eyelid tapes are a really big thing and controversy I should say in Asia. Many Chinese, Koreans and Japanese have monolids so by using double eyelid tapes; we are able to achieve a temporary solution.

I’ll go through the different kinds of eyelids. There are mono eyelids, tapered double eyelids, parallel double eyelids and crease eyelids. I’ll put pictures below to illustrate my point. Crease eyelids are where the double eyelid is on the crease, this is very umcommon in more oriental eye shapes. Most Chinese, Koreans and Japanese have either mono, tapered or parellel eyelids.


Tapered & Parallel:


There are many types of devices to create double eyelids. The most common types are Double eyelid tape, Double eyelid glue, Double eyelid clamp and Double-sided eyelid tape.

Double eyelid tape is sticky on one side, after placing it on the area where you want your ideal fold to be, the sticker will create a temporary crease which resembles a double eyelid.

Double eyelid glue is similar to a double eyelid tape, instead of a tape, adhesive glue is applied on the ideal fold. The glue will then stick to both sides of the eyelid to create a fold. I’ve used glue in the past before but in my opinion, they are risky and unreliable. If water touches the area, the glue loses adhesion immediately. The folds created are also shallow. 

Double eyelid clamps are very popular in Taiwan. These clamps are places on the eyelids to apply pressure and create a temporary fold. I personally do not recommend this method. The fold created is very shallow and lasts for only a few minutes. The device tugs on the eyelids and it may cause premature aging and even swelling of eyelids. 

The Double-sided eyelid tape is a new kind double eyelid tape that was introduced into the market a few years ago. They are more expensive than traditional tapes but these babies are sticky on both sides and aren’t as obvious as the traditional ones when wearing them. I got mine from Sasa for SGD$4.50. 


I will now introduce to you guys the various ways of applying double eyelid stickers to achieve a fold. Please be mindful that I am no professional at double eyelid stickers so please forgive any mistakes and if you do have any more methods of application, do leave it in the comments below.

 This is my eye with nothing at all, no tapes or makeup. 

1)      The Traditional Method
I’m pretty sure everyone knows how to do this method. The traditional method is the most basic and easiest step of all. This method can be achieved by applying the tape directly below the ideal crease you are creating. 

2)      The Inverted Method
The application of this method is fairly similar to the above traditional method. The only difference is to stick the tape inverted. This is very suitable for peeps whose eyelids do not have a slight fold at all as this method cuts horizontally into the eyelids and creates a very deep fold. However application is very tricky and the fold may not be the best looking.

3)      Self Created Method
I created this method because I find that just 1 double eyelid sticker does not provide enough lift to create a deep fold. For me using the traditional method the double eyelid tape is just sits on my eyelids and not creating a ideal fold. As seen in the pictures, this method of applying the tape is pretty obvious therefore I only encourage applying this at night or during days where you are staying at home. This can increase the speed of getting your doubles to stay put without support.

4)      Double-sided Tape Method
This is by using a double-sided eyelid tape. The fold created is pretty deep and it stays all day. The adhesion power of the tape is very strong and reliable so I highly recommend everyone to try it out. But please be aware that it may be unsightly when looking downwards because your eyelids are stuck together. This is also the reason why I refrain from sleeping in public because my eyelids look freaky

FAQs will be uploaded tomorrow...Stay tuned!




  1. Thank you so much for this post! I bought the basic double eyelid tape, but I couldn't really understand the illustrations on the pack 0_o

    Lol, 2 days ago my right eyelid changed from a tapered eye to a parallel eye and I'm so happy because now it matches my left side. Fingers crossed it doesn't change back!

    1. No problem at all! Thank you for reading! :)

      Many of the packaging comes in either Korean or Japanese languages so it is definitely a problem for girls like us. Yes! Double eyelid tapes have really helped me a lot over these years too.

  2. Hey! Thanks for mentioning that you boughtyour double sided tapes in Singapore's Sasa XD i was hunting everywhere for it. Who knew it was right outside my doorstep -.-" i tried Watsons and Guardian but i couldnt find double sided ones. So thanks for that!

    1. No problem GinGin!

      I'm glad you found yours in SaSa, there are double sided eyelid tapes sold in Watsons now in the Japanese products section but the prices are just ridiculous. SaSa ones are way affordable and they work just as well. I'm glad you love them! :D