Just Ordered | Tanda Zap + Ecotools 4 piece & 5 piece brush sets

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of posts, I'm in my exam period right now so I will be taking a short break till mid may and I'll get back to posting regularly again. I have been collecting products for a giveaway I've been planning so please stay tune for that, it will most probably be up in May. 

So I have been breaking out really badly these past few months so I decided to order a acne treatment device to help control/tame my pimples. I ordered a Tanda Zap after reading great reviews online from Amazon since it is much cheaper there. I will do a post when it arrives and also a review on it.

I also ordered a 4 piece brush set and a 5 piece brush set from Ecotools. I ordered them via Groupon for only $20. I wanted to get this post up before the deal ended but they were completely sold out 30mins after I made my purchase. Sorry guys! But there are plenty of similar deals on there so you may want to subscribe to their newsletter.

I'll see you guys in my next posts, cheers!