I have a complaint #1 – Lovisa

I am trying to make interesting series for you guys so I thought this would be a nice story to start with. ‘I have a complaint’ is a new series of short stories of rants based on a true story by yours truly that I need to get out of my chest. Warning: May be lengthy!

First episode: Lovisa

I freaking LOVE Lovisa. For peeps who aren’t familiar with Lovisa, it is a jewelry/accessories store based in Australia but has outlets in Singapore. I can never enter Lovisa and leave the shop empty handed. So now today, something happened that in my opinion should not have occurred to any customer. 

The store was jam packed because there was a sale going on. There was a 3 for $12 on selected styles only notice taped all over and one salesgirl said to me ‘earrings, rings and hair items are 3 for $12’. Since everyone was pushing around, I didn’t pay much attention to it.  I mistook bracelets were included for the 3 for $12 promo, but that is not the point of the story.

Then my friend and I got 3 items (mainly the gold cross bangle, hair ties, and my friend’s hair twisty clips $5 each) + 2 necklaces which were $9 each. The total came up to be $37. Then I was like ‘wait a minute, my arithmetic isn’t good but I know these stuffs do not add up to $37. But I still paid it. Yes I’m dumb.

So I check back the receipt and found out that my friend’s hair twisty clips were $9. The sticker on the item says $5. Okay, they made a mistake, we all make mistakes. They pasted the wrong sticker on. Then I asked, ‘these items are not in the 3 for $12 promo?’ The cashier assistant said ‘No, only earrings, rings and hair items’. So I asked my friend if she still wanted the hair twisty clips since they were $9 now and in my opinion $9 for that crap was not worth it.


I asked if we could return it. We wanted a REFUND. The cashier girl said yes. Note that this time she already took away the hair twisty clips. She asked ‘Do you still want it’ and pointed at my bag which contained my 2 $5 bracelets and 2 $9 necklaces. I was like ‘heck yea I still want it’ no I did not say it like that LOL. At this point the cashier girl was already pissed. I mean she was not happy.

She did all these typing in her cashier system and she returned me $4. I was all ‘wait, shouldn’t you return me $9?’ I wanted a REFUND why are you giving me 4 bucks. She said ‘but you said you still wanted the item’. She was pissed. I was like gurl hell no, are we speaking a different language here?

I said ‘I thought you meant the remaining items that I got’. I mean you pointed at my bag of accessories and the hair twisty clips were in I don’t know, China maybe? My friends thought the same thing as well, it was not only me. Her face was charcoal black, I ain’t even kidding. This time her boss, I suppose came into the situation and she gave a rough description of what was happening. She gave her boss the look like we were ridiculous-demanding-customers-that-did-not-understand-english.

 I mean all I wanted was my $9 back babe.

Again, she did a little ‘tsk’ and did the typing on her cashier system and after standing for freaking 15 minutes, I got my $9 back. 

So in short, the employees stuck the wrong discount price tag on, didn’t realize that the $5 item was entered $9 during payment process and could have freaking told me to save all the trouble you only had one job miss, had to do the refunding twice and gave me the what-the-f*-is-wrong-with-you attitude during the whole conversation.

Man, if you guys could hear her voice dripping with malicious irritation. ‘What? You said you wanted the item’ Gurl! I said return the item, I don’t want the item anymore, I want a refund, which part of the sentence do you not comprehend?

Okay I think I need to calm down, that experience dampened my entire day and left me hopping mad, which is why I have to type it all out.  I hope you guys enjoyed my small little rant, and if you have any similar experiences of bad customer service etc, do share them in the comments below I am very interested to hear about them. 

I hope I am not the only one who experiences this…

Love you guys! See you in my next post! 

Ps: My awesome dad fixed my camera charger! He is such a handyman! 


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