Accessories + Rose Gold Watch + Macaroons

Took random pictures over the weekend and wanted to share them with you guys!

Some accessories I got over the weekend! July/August haul will be coming very soon and they will be featured in that post. I LOVE the tribal tassel necklace so much! Had lots of compliments when I wore it previously.

 Lovisa Rose Gold Watch

I had always wanted a rose gold watch but they are always so expensive. I'm talking Michael Kors which costs USD220-USD250. Even a River Island rose gold watch I found online was around SGD50. I found this really similar rose gold watch while shopping with my friends and I knew at that moment that I just HAD to get it. It cost SGD38 and it looks so pretty! The colour looks more vibrant in real life (extremely similar to Michael Kors rose gold watch).

TWGTea Macaroons!

Flavours from Left to Right: Lemon Bush Tea (Yellow), Moroccan Mint Tea (White), Camelot Tea And Praline (Dark Brown), Earl Grey And Chocolate (Brown), Napoleon Tea And Caramel (Black), 1837 Black Tea And Blackcurrant (Pink)

These macaroons were highly recommended by my friend. They come in a box of 6 for SGD12. I highly recommend the Napoleon Tea and caramel (Black) it is SO DELICIOUS! I love that it is not extremely sweet, the biscuits are slightly bitter and cream is sweet so the taste of the macaroon is very well balanced.

I ate half of them and half of them today which is around 6 days after I bought them and they still tasted the same as they first day I bought them. Since they are so pretty, they make really good presents as well!

That's all guys! Hope you have a nice weekend, I'll try to post as much as I can. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at, I will respond to all emails.


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