Crest Whitestrips FAQs

Crest Whitestrips FAQs

Hey guys, as promised, today’s post will be on frequently asked questions on using whitening strips. I will be busy the entire next weekend so there may not be a post. But I assure you there are loads of exciting reviews and fashion posts coming up so do stay tune for that! Read part 1 here if you haven’t already! 

1)Is the whitening effect permanent?

2)Does the gum hurt after whitening?

3) Will my gums get bleached?

4)Should I avoid placing the strip on the gums?

5)Does whitening strips work on veneers?

1)      Is the whitening effect permanent?

Yes, I find that it is permanent but the whitening effect depends on your eating habits as well. I drink loads of tea, especially milk tea and coffee so I notice that it is already starting to get stained. My teeth is still whiter than when I first use whitening strips but not as white as I’d like it to be. So I will still be continuing to use white strips on alternate days to ensure that my pearly whites retain its colour.  

2)      Does the gum hurt after whitening?

Yes and no, depending on how sensitive your gums are. I do feel a stinging sensation for a few minutes when using the Supreme whitestrips but not so much when using the 3D White whitestrips. There is a slight aching pain after using it and I find that my teeth bleeds more easily when brushing my teeth. 

3)      Will my gums get bleached?

Yes, it does. It does turn a lighter pink and there is an obvious line after the day of the application. I notice it goes away after a while so it is not noticeable after a day or two. 

4)      Should I avoid placing the strip on the gums?

Just a small tip, I know people say avoid the gums because gums are not suppose to be whitened. I personally apply the strips covering more sections of the gum because the white strips tend to move outwards and when saliva gets into the strips, the edges tend to lose adhesion. So even when strips move, all of the teeth are still in contact with the strip.

5)      Does whitening strips work on veneers?

If you guys do not know what veneers are, they are artificial porcelain enamel applied over the tooth to enhance its appearance. I do have them in three of my front teeth because my previous teeth were so badly stained. And I knew whitening strips weren’t going to work on veneers (stated on packaging) or any other artificial surface other than the natural enamel. But I still held on to the little hope that my veneers will be whitened since redo-ing them cost a lot. Sadly, they did not work at all on my veneers, so I will be visiting the dentist soon (my nightmare) to have them redone.  

That’s all guys! If you have any other doubts that I did not address in this post, please leave those in the comments below I will be glad to answer them. If you have any other enquiries, feel free to email me at, I love getting you guy’s messages!

p/s: I have been obsessed with watching fashion documentaries/biographies on TV lately and the most recent one that I’ve watched is on Paul Smith which I’m sure everyone has heard of his brand. It is so inspiring to see so much passion and love for his job even at his age and what I think makes him such a successful person is his hardworking attitude and inquisitive character. When we thought we have seen it all, what we saw was only the tip of an iceberg. Fashion is a never ending trend and we will never know what is coming up next. So who leads the trend? And what is he/she thinking? That question will be in my mind for ages. Thanks for reading guys! 


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