Crest whitestrips 3D White and Supreme comparison + recommendation

Review for Crest whitestrips 3D White and Supreme (Comparison + Recommendation)

Hey guys today will be a very exciting review on teeth whitening! So I have been on a coffee craze lately and what is worse than getting yellow stained teeth from drinking your favourite beverage? 

My teeth were never white to begin with. I’ve always had issues with crooked and stained teeth. I also have a phobia of dentist which makes every trip to the dentist a nightmare. What kept me away from using these whitestrips were that I have veneers and I heard that these whitening strips do not work on veneers which I will be talking about in my next post. 

I decided to make a review on these strips because I was looking for comparisons before my purchase and I could not find any. And since now, that I’ve tried them out, I can make recommendations so you guys have a better idea on which to buy. I bought these strips from this store in Gmarket, I’ll link it here (Supreme, 3D White). 

 Crest Whitestrips Supreme




Crest Whitestrips 3D White with Advance Seal

So I’ll start this post off on the differences between the Crest whitestrips Supreme and the 3D White. 1 Sachet contains a pair (1 upper strip and 1 lower strip). The instructions says to leave it on for 30 minutes but I usually go to bed with my strips on because I do not like the feeling with them on during the day. It distracts me and I can’t speak or drink. I leave it on at night maybe for 1 hour or sometimes even 4 or 5 hours (deep sleep). I don’t experience any problems with it, no sensitivity or swallowing of the strips but always do be careful. 

Supreme Whitestrips

The supreme whitening strips are cheaper. I bought 7 of them (1 week usage) for SGD20. What I don’t like about them is that they do not stick properly on the teeth. They feel like thin flimsy plastic and tend to slip and slide around the teeth. They also lose adhesion once in contact with the saliva. And because it does not adhere to the individual tooth well, I feel that the effectiveness of the whitening is reduced. However, I do see a whitening effect on my teeth, just that I feel if it stuck on better, the whitening effect will be higher. 

The Supreme strips do make a lot of noise, plastic sounds to be exact so if you are easily distracted by noises, I do not recommend them. And since they move around the teeth a lot, I feel the need to always touch with them, to make sure that the strips are always at the right place

Another con with the Supreme strips is that it stings for the initial 5 minutes and the stinging sensation is really painful. The pain goes away immediately after the few minutes but your gums will hurt really badly on initial application. Some portion of gums on contact with the bleach will turn it temporarily white (if it makes any sense), but that will go away after removing the strips.    

I experience sensitivity for the first few applications. Somehow my teeth sort of got used to it and it stops. The sensitivity can vary from individuals, mine is kind of an aching pain when I bite hard on my teeth.

3D White with Advance Seal Whitestrips

I highly recommend the 3D White Advance Seal whitening strips. They are made of a rubbery silicone material and adhere absolutely amazingly on the teeth. It is sometimes hard to get off because the bleaching gel sticks so well. But I find that because these adheres so well, all the gaps between the teeth are whiten which makes the whole set of teeth more even looking

The 3D white strips are painless. I did not experience any stinging of gums or aching of teeth. My teeth did feel a little sensitive but that happened for both white strips. 

As I said earlier on, the 3D White Advance Seal white strips are more costly, I paid around SGD28 for 7 sachets. The price is fairly reasonable since I could not find another store that sells them cheaper.

Yadda Yadda:

I paid both whitestrips using my own money. I feel that the 3D White whitestrips are overall more effective. But if you are one a budget or just testing out various white strips then I recommend trying the Supreme whitestrips. If you like a less hassle application and willing to spend more on higher quality whitestrips then I highly suggest going for the 3D whitestrips. I will be repurchasing the 3D whitestrips even though it is more expensive, I feel that the additional cost is way worth it

Many people think that by applying whitestrips, the teeth will get blindingly white the next day but that is so not true. Even after 10 applications, my teeth is not exactly a white yet. But I am very very pleased with the results. My teeth has gotten 2 or 3 shades whiter and that is because my teeth is very yellow to begin with. If your teeth is already white, your results may not be so drastic. Hopefully my teeth can be even whiter after more applications. 

Sorry I do not have any pictures of my teeth so you guys have to take my word as it is. As I have said I really dislike my teeth so I do not like taking pictures of them. The sight of them makes me so regretful for not taking good care of them. Now my teeth are whiter and I have more confidence with my smile so I hope any girl out there with a similar complex as mine to try out these whitestrips.

Stay tune for my next post on the FAQs of Crest Whitestrips. If you have any questions about whitening strips, please feel free to comment down below, I may be adding them to FAQs post that will be up next week! 


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