Malaysia Haul: Tony Moly, Nature Republic, Etude House, Watsons

Malaysia Haul: Tony Moly, Nature Republic, Etude House, Watsons

Hey guys! First up, I am sooo sooo sooo sorry for not posting in such a long time. I was really busy with exams, projects and problems in life that I just didn’t have time to prepare pictures and all. I am back now for a short while before some more exams and then a long holiday which I will make sure to stay extremely active on this blog. 

I went to Malaysia with a few friends to the nearby City Square Mall for a short shopping spree and just to relax from all the exams. It is a little complicated going through customs so do go with a friend who is experienced in such. Maybe I can do a customs walkthrough ‘how-to’ kinda post just to benefit readers who are going through customs the first time.  

Okay to be honest I went kind of crazy with purchasing makeup products, the prices in Malaysia are fairly cheaper compared to purchasing them in Singapore. As usual I will do a separate review on the individual items after I have tried them out (reviews are out! Links at end of post). I will list all of the product names and prices below. 

 Bags of goooodies! I didn't get Etude House's bag because the sales girl was soooo slow and i was like, forget it, i don't need any bag anyways.

I finally got my hands on Rimmel Pink Blush lipstick, it is not available in Singapore though! I wished there was Airy Fairy but there wasn't. My desk is super messy at the moment so sorry for the really compressed shot!

 The Biore Remover Wipes couldn't fit into the frame, so it has an individual shot.

I am not sure how cheap they are compared to Singapore prices because I haven’t really seen some of the items before in Singapore. So if you do know any product prices in sg, feel free to leave it in the comments below. 

SGD to RM exchange rate: 2.43 (Malaysia money changer rate)
SGD to RM exchange rate: 2.47 (Exact currency exchange rate)
RM = Malaysian Currency

Tip: change your money in Singapore for a higher rate as compared to changing it in Malaysia. Money changers will charge a lower exchange rate for their own money (to rip tourist’s cash) as you have to change for local money if you are in that country, if it makes any sense. I changed my money in Malaysia as it was too early and money changers in Singapore open really late.

Nature Republic:
Stain Girl’s Tint Red: RM$15.22 (SGD$6.26)
Stain Girl’s Tint Pink: RM$15.22
Nail Design Stickers (buy 2 get 1 free promo): RM$5.90 each (SGD$2.42 each)

Tony Moly:
Tony Tint Cherry Pink: RM$29.90 (SGD$12.34)
Kiss Lover Lip Stick PK01: RM$39.90 (SGD$16.46)

Etude House:
Blue Matte nail polish: RM$9.90 (SGD$4.07)
Pink nail polish: RM$4.75 (SGD$1.95)
Super Sun SPF 35 (10% discount): RM$29.90 (before discount) (SGD$12.30)
                                                                  : RM$26.95 (after discount) (SGD$11.09)

Rimmel Lipstick in 006 Pink Blush: RM$17.90 (SGD$7.36)
Biore Makeup Remover Wipes: RM$28 (SGD$11.50) *SG Watsons price: SGD$16.50

I lost some of the receipts so some prices are approximations. Have a great day! :D Feel free to leave comments; I will try to answer all of them!



  1. hey there (: where'd you get tony moly stuff in malaysia? :O

  2. Hello m.! I got my tony moly products at Johor Bahru City Square Mall right after Malaysia customs. There are tony moly outlets in singapore too and you can purchase their items online from place like Gmarket :)

  3. Great! I didn't know City Sqaure JB has Tony Moly...! Thanks hun!

  4. @- Angie -

    Yes, please do check it out, they are definitely cheaper compared to purchasing them in Singapore so I highly recommend going there and get them. Thank you for reading my blog! If you have anymore questions feel free to ask :)